Caryn enjoys a variety of sports, particularly boxing, which she’s been passionately writing about for the past several years. She takes pride in helping fans gain a better understanding of the skills and techniques involved, who the athletes are, and why they do what they do.

Caryn has interviewed some of the top boxers in the sport as well as up-and-coming fighters; she has also written detailed and thoughtful pieces that examine specific matches and the state of the sport.

EXCLUSIVE: Wilder vs. Fury Rules Meeting (with Video)

I had the rare opportunity to observe the California State Athletic Commission rules meeting with the representatives of the fighters competing on the Wilder vs. Fury card … read the full article

American Fight Fans Can Learn From British Counterparts

The fans—not just fighters, former fighters, and trainers—seem to appreciate the technique and strategy of the sport of boxing, not just action and knockouts. They celebrate a boxer’s form, they applaud a brawler’s heart, and offer commiserations after a loss … read the full article

Outside the Ring: Mario Barrios Assists Salvation Army in San Antonio

Like many prizefighters, Mario Barrios came from humble beginnings. Now, the 140-pound contender from San Antonio, Texas is using his platform to help those who are struggling … read the full article

Earned: Andre Ward Exclusive, Part 2

“The gameplan just unfolded. I didn’t have a set style. Sometimes I would walk him around the ring–I wasn’t running, I would walk him. Run him into shots. Get back inside. Steal wind from him. Hit him with some short body shots, uppercuts, and just–doing what I do. My inside game, and then beating him on the outside.” … read the full interview

The Weighting Game: California State Athletic Commission Exclusive

The CSAC is striving to use the data it has collected over the years, combined with medical research showing the connection between severe weight-cutting and an increase in the danger of concussion and brain trauma, to work with the sanctioning bodies to establish more effective rules surrounding the weight issue … read the full article

Coach Kay Koroma Exclusive: Training Team USA, Teaching Footwork and Fundamentals

“I just always wanted to make everybody feel equal. I always look out for the underdog.” … read the full interview

Earned: Andre Ward Exclusive, Part 1

“When I came up, the way I was taught was I had to get my feet in sync first. I had to learn how to move forward and backward, and then laterally, left and right. And then take that to the next level.” … read the full interview

Deontay Wilder Exclusive: Behind the Hype

“I wanted them to know that they can achieve anything that they want to achieve. I had them chanting out, ‘I am somebody!’ and it meant so much to me. The kids need to know that they are somebody, that they special.” … read the full article

Always Ready: Andre Ward exclusive interview in Boxing News magazine

Andre Ward interview by Caryn A Tate

“The right hand landed–I came off the ropes, he relaxed for a split second, and I stepped in, and boom! He did a funny dance.” … buy the issue

Andre Ward: S.O.G. & A.T.G.

Overcoming doubt and persevering in the face of injuries and bigger, perhaps stronger opponents were the themes of Ward’s Hall-of-Fame-worthy career … read the full article

Mikey Garcia Exclusive: Technique & Knockouts

“I consider myself a thinking fighter where I can make those adjustments, and I can kind of read my opponent’s body language, and read their punch selection before they even throw punches.” … read the full interview

Mikey Garcia Exclusive: Talks Family, Top Rank, & Current Career Status

“It’s a beautiful thing to know where we come from, where my dad comes from–the struggles and hardships that he had to go through to give us a better life. My dad came from nothing, with a third-grade education, an immigrant from Mexico.” … read the full interview

Deontay Wilder on Drug Testing: “I Believe in Three Strikes, You’re Out”

“There comes a time when you have to take a stand and stand up for what is right,” said Deontay. “So we’re gonna continue to strive for greatness, and continue to keep boxing a clean sport.” … read the full interview

#NotAfraid: Exclusive Guillermo Rigondeaux interview in Boxing News magazine


“While I respect Lomachenko, the reality is he’s never fought against someone with my pedigree and skillset.” … buy the issue

Shakur Stevenson: “I Want to Take Over the Sport of Boxing…I’ve Got a Lot of Goals”

“Newark is a place where you can get caught up in a lot of other stuff outside of boxing…My grandfather kept me on the right track inside a boxing gym.” … read the full interview

Jamie Moore: Still the Fighter’s Fighter

“Someone said to me once, ‘If you never want to work a day in your life, find something you love to do and find a way to make it pay.’ And that definitely is what I feel like I’m doing.” … read the full interview

Does Size Matter?

What do these fighters all have in common? It’s not notoriety. It’s not talent level. It’s something that none of them have any control over–and something that, quite frankly, doesn’t matter whatsoever … read the full article

Joe Cortez’s 20/20 System

“Being a veteran in boxing for over 60 years of my life, I leave no stone unturned. I’m trying to create something different in boxing so that it makes boxing better, it brings it up to a better level…I want to make sure the fans get a fair shake and we don’t have any more black eyes in boxing with these controversial decisions … read the full interview

Daniel Jacobs on Golovkin Loss Being a Victory; Talks “Get in the Ring” and Future Plans

When Daniel “Miracle Man” Jacobs was undergoing a life-and-death battle versus osteosarcoma, he swore to himself that when–not if–he made it through, he would find a way to help other people battling cancer … read the full interview

Andre Ward Speaks on Disrupting Kovalev’s Timing, Mental Quickness

Ward talked about how he and his trainer Virgil Hunter fixed that problem in preparation for the rematch. In the latest fight, the difference is plain to see. Ward’s use of feints was on display from the first round … read the full interview

Carlos Cuadras: Super Fly

Carlos “El Principe” Cuadras is one of boxing’s more skillful fighters of recent memory … read the full interview

Hurry Up and Wait: The Ratings Game

Sanctioning bodies, which control the various championship belts and rankings, exist to give some semblance of order to boxing … read the full article

Ward Krushes Kovalev

Ward landed devastating body punches, with both hands, that I could hear ringside like a bell … read the full article

Andre Ward: Something That’s in Me

“Since I’ve been a kid, in the Olympics–I was never the biggest guy. I’ve always been kind of understated. That’s just my lane and my story, and I’ve learned to be comfortable there. It’s a tremendous source of motivation knowing I can overcome in those situations, regardless of what it looks like.” … read the full interview

Andre Ward: Master of Jeet Kune Do

It’s clear when watching “SOG” in the ring that he not only subscribes to many of Lee’s philosophies, but due to his incredible work ethic, natural ability, and will, he is also perhaps modern combat sports’ greatest embodiment of the Jeet Kune Do ethos … read the full article

Ward, Thurman, Stevenson: A Common Thread

In modern times, the term “coward” has become a politically safe term that many throw around, particularly in boxing and other combat sports because most people think it’s applicable and can be excused as “fight talk.” … read the full article

Guillermo Rigondeaux: Something Supernatural

Some athletes are so skillful that they seem almost untouchable in the primes of their careers. Many of these athletes are so gifted that they make their mastery of their art form look easy to the untrained eye, which sees none of the daily toil and sacrifice it took to achieve greatness … read the full interview

Layla McCarter Leads by Example: More Action, More Knockouts

Since turning pro 19 years ago, “Amazing” Layla McCarter has amassed some of the most impressive accomplishments in all of women’s boxing … read the full interview

The Truth About Premier Boxing Champions

In the mainstream boxing media, there have been a lot of statements made over the past few days regarding Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) and whether the series created by Al Haymon is on its last legs … read the full article

Shawn Porter Explains His Style of Fighting: “I Always Try to Make a Guy Fight Me the Way I Want Him to Fight”

“Showtime” Shawn Porter (26-2, 16 KOs) is a monster in the ring of the old school, infighting variety. Porter is in the middle of training camp in Las Vegas, preparing for his April 22 bout against Andre Berto (31-4, 24 KOs). The fighter known as “Showtime” graciously stepped away from training for a few minutes and granted this exclusive interview … read the full interview

Daniel Jacobs Opens Up on Journey to “Ultimate Opponent” Gennady Golovkin: “I’m Gonna Surprise a lot of People”

One of the reasons so many people love the sport of boxing is because it’s a metaphor for life. It’s inspiring when a fighter gets hurt or knocked down yet rallies back to overcome the challenge. Similarly, Daniel “Miracle Man” Jacobs’ (32-1, 29 KOs) story is one of the ultimate triumph of human spirit and strength, and it speaks to us on a deep level … read the full interview

GGG-Jacobs: Boxing’s Long Con

We got to see Golovkin challenged for the first time; we got to see how he would respond to adversity. We got to see exactly what level of skill Jacobs possesses as he impressed with his footwork, control of distance, ring IQ, and timing. The experts who had previously claimed Jacobs would be stopped in three now watched as he did much more than survive 12 rounds with the impressive GGG and his vaunted power… read the full article

Bettering the Sport: Jack Reiss – Part 1

Jack Reiss is one of the sport’s most respected modern referees, known for allowing the fighters to work (particularly on the inside), which is perhaps more rare than it should be, and generally displaying impressive efficiency and competence under pressure … read the full interview

Bettering the Sport: Jack Reiss – Part 2

In addition to being an experienced boxing referee, Jack Reiss is also a judge. This final installment continues the conversation from part 1; here, we discusses the ins and outs of judging…read the full interview

Dumbing Down the Sweet Science

A master of infighting like Henry Armstrong would likely be labeled a “dirty fighter” and advised to “pursue a career in MMA” if he fought today … read the full article

WARd: Timing is Everything

Great fighters overcome. They overcome struggle, injuries, knockdowns, defeats, and near defeats. They find another gear and pull something out to make their victory happen. Andre Ward is no exception … read the full article

Sergio Martinez Exclusive: Return of the King

In many ways, his disciplined behavior hearkens back to champs of yesteryear: he’s respectful and courteous with everyone, even his opponents (provided they don’t disrespect him), he takes on all comers, and he is always in shape. Outside the sport, he is a champion of bullied children through his activism in the It Gets Better campaign. In addition, he helps raise awareness and supports legislation in the fight against domestic violence towards women …. read the full interview

Lamar Wright Explains the Complexities of Being a Trainer and the Best Advice He Was Given: “Stay Basic”

About 60 miles south of Detroit, in northwest Ohio, sits the small city of Toledo; in that city is a burgeoning boxing hub called Glass City Boxing Gym. Lamar Wright trains fighters here … read the full interview

The Marvels of Maravilla

Martinez’s style is unorthodox and would be downright dangerous if used by someone without the skill and the natural gifts possessed by the middleweight champion. He fights with his hands held low and moves around his opponent, working to keep him from setting his feet and efficiently keeping him guessing. But he’s more than a moving target—while he maneuvers, Maravilla is also on the offensive, throwing—and landing—a lot of awkward shots on his opponent … read the full article

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